The title stands for ‘Caracunde Club Tool’ – a reference to the song by Afro-Peruvian icon Susana Baca.

Philadelphia producers Precolumbian & Estoc have teamed up for CCT, the latest release on Riobamba’s label APOCALIPSIS.

Blending Afro-Peruvian festejo and landó music, styles that incorporate heavy use of the the cajón percussion instrument (as seen on the EP’s cover art), with hardstyle, the two-track release is the first collaboration from the producers.

The release accompanies the launch of Search Engine, a new club night run by Precolumbian and Estoc that according to APOCALIPSIS, “showcases trans women DJs and producers, while creating a safe space to explore nontraditional club music.”

CCT arrives this Friday (July 26). A portion of proceeds will go to Philadelphia’s Morris Home, the only drug and alcohol treatment program in the United States exclusively serving trans and gender non-confirming individuals. To donate,

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