The first in a series of vinyl reissues contains three early tapes, Byzantine Private CIA, Mural of Saddam and Yemeni Commandos.

Dominick Fernow is reissuing a selection of early Vatican Shadow tapes from 2010 – 2011 on Hospital Records.

Three rare releases, Byzantine Private CIA, Mural of Saddam and Yemeni Commandos, have been remastered and are presented now as a double vinyl LP with updated artwork.


Two tracks from the very first Vatican Shadow release, ‘Cairo Sword Unsheathed’ and ‘Gunmen With Silencer’, previously appeared on Iraqi Praetorian Guard,  a 2012 EP released by Blackest Ever Black.

Byzantine Private CIA is available now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Schwarzkopf Arc Of Triumph’
02. ‘Shadow War In Yemen’
03. ‘Cairo Sword Unsheathed’
04. ‘Gunmen With Silencer’
05. ‘Deny Military Involvement’
06. ‘Saddam Statue Conspiracy’
07. ‘USM1A1 Abrams Exhaust Rises Between The Hands Of Victory’
08. ‘Archbishop 911’
09. ‘Asymmetric Warfare Studies Group Double Game’

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