Another round of unheard material and blissed-out pop edits.

New music from London producer MssingNo is about as rare as the Pokémon he is named after, but today he returns with M2 Performance Enhancer, a new mix of original material and blissed-out pop edits.

The mix is the follow-up up to 2016’s Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber-sampling M1 Personal Trainer mix and is one of only a handful of releases from the producer.

These include the Fones EP on XL Recordings and the self-titled release that helped kick-start Goon Club Allstars. The track ‘XE2’, which appears on that latter release, was our favorite track of 2013.

MssingNo will headline a show at London’s Jazz Cafe this Friday (August 2) – tickets are available now.

M2 Performance Enhancer is out now.

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