“Post-hardcore meets noise rock meets black sacred ancestral technology.”

Copperhead is the noise rock project from Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist David Leonard.

Described by PTP as “post-hardcore meets noise rock meets black sacred ancestral technology”, his new album Gazing In The Dark is the next release from the New York-based experimental label.

Citing Helmet, The Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Godflesh, Tool and Bad Brains as influences, Leonard explains, “Sometimes I draw musical inspiration from the most minuscule things and try to see how much I can build around that tiny moment as I experienced it.”

“I’m a welder at a shipyard”, he continues, “and I have straight stolen rhythms from the machines I hear at work.”

Gazing In The Dark arrives on September 6 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.



01. ‘Sound Bath/Sub Lingual’
02. ‘Predawn Light’
03. ‘Mirages’
04. ‘The Driver’
05. ‘High Production Land/Nothin’
06. ‘Ball Gag Waltz/Shrunken Hog Head’
07. ‘Serotonin’
08. ‘Sugar Daddy On Fire’
09. ‘WorldWideDarkWeb’
10. ‘Tangled Mess (Mirror Surgery)’
11. ‘Daydream Freefall Hecatomb’
12. ‘Gazing In The Dark’

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