Listen to the AceMo-produced ‘High Tide’ now.

Queens-based artist Eartheater, aka Alexandra Drewchin, is launching a new label, Chemical X, with her first release since last year’s IRISIRI.

Trinity will feature production from a variety of producers, including AceMo, Tony Seltzer, Kwes Darko, Color Plus, Denzxl, Dadras, and Hara Kiri. Listen to new track, the AceMo-produced ‘High Tide’, now.

Tiny Mix Tapes reports that Drewchin is working towards her follow-up to IRISIRI, which will also be released on PAN. She has also written a currently unreleased album for the contemporary chamber orchestra Alarm Will Sound, which will be performed as part of the Ecstatic Music Festival.

The release date for Trinity is currently TBA. Check out the cover art for ‘High Tide’, designed by Christian Velasquez and Sam Clarke, below.

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