“The record is here to celebrate respect, human rights, love, intersectionality, change, pushing boundaries, bravery, critical thought, genuine support and curiosity.”

Ahead of her performances at Berlin Atonal later this week, Berlin-based producer and experimental musician Ziúr has announced her sophomore release for Planet Mu.

The LP, titled ATØ , follows her Planet Mu debut U Feel Anything? released back in 2017.

As the label writes, “Ziúr describes ATØ as a network of intersectional support, a network of mesh to help us through these dark oppressive times; it’s: THE ALLIANCE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.” The artist herself adds: “This Record is not here to please, but to disrupt & to connect us in Solidarity.”

She’s shared an eerie music video for the future-pop inflected lead single, ‘I Vanish’, which shows a bionic head singing along to the track while particularly poetic lyrics fall over its face in illuminated text.

The album will feature many other vocal appearances from Ziúr, as well as guest appearances from Ash B and Samantha Urbani.

ATØ will be released on November 15. Preorder it here.


01. ‘ATØ’
02. ‘It’s Complicated’
03. ‘I Vanish’
04. ‘Fancy Handbag, Broken Zipper’
05. ‘F.O.E.’ [ft. Ash B]
06. ‘Catch Me Never’
07. ‘Life Sick’
08. ‘All Lessons Unlearned’ [ft. Samantha Urbani]
09. ‘Laniakea’
10. ‘Unclaim’
11. ‘Mother’

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