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FACT mix 726: Boy Harsher

The darkwave duo supply synth minimalism, dark funk staples, and girl power on the latest FACT mix.

Northampton, MA two-piece Boy Harsher are known for their grinding crunchy synths and ghostly vocals. Fans of their cold-blooded 2019 LP Careful will be pleased with the danceable darkwave embedded throughout this mix.

Kicking off with the schmaltzy ’70s sax of Amnesia’s ‘It’s a Reality’, the B-side to their acidic ‘It’s a Dream’ is the perfect entryway to a mix that starts dark and stays dark, with little sonic surprises along the way like Fox the Fox’s synth-pop hit ‘Precious Little Diamond’ and Rene & Angela’s ‘I’ll Be Good’. If you, like, me think Los Espookys has the best music programming of any television show this year or maybe history, you’re going to dig this.

The duo is also the latest to try their hand at Against The Clock. Check out the video here and their mix below.


Amnesia – ‘It’s a Reality’
Oktober Leiber – ‘The Attaker’
Olivia Neutron John – ‘16 Beat’
Fox The Fox – ‘Precious Little Diamond’
Robotiko Rejekto – ‘Confusion’
Romina Cohn – ‘I Want To Be The Residents’
Black Light Smoke – ‘Take Me Out (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)’
Miss Kittin & The Hacker – ‘Flexibility’
Steril – ‘Latex Love’
Pamela_ and her sons – ‘Slowfade’
Spellling – ‘Haunted Water’
Rene & Angela – ‘I’ll Be Good’
Absolute Body Control – ‘Melting Away’
Giant Swan – ‘Corridor’
Charlie Rich – ‘I’ve Lost My Heart To You’

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