“Lustrous synthetic subbass meets traditional Chinese strings with sublimely spirited and timeless effect.”

Iona Fortune has announced the second installment of her eight-part sonic journey into the traditional Chinese text the I Ching.

Tao of I Vol. 2 comes two years after the series’ inaugural release, Tao of I, released by Optimo Music in 2017.

The Tao series specifically focuses on the text’s 64 hexagrams—arrangements of six horizontal lines made up of different combinations of solid (yang) and broken (yin) lines.

This volume’s eight tracks each explore one hexagram via fragmented rhythmic patterns and lush, calligraphic landscapes created using an EMS Synthi AKS and traditional instruments such guzheng, gamelan, erhu, kim, yanqin, zhong and bawu.

Tao of I Vol. 2 will be available on September 6 via Ecstatic. Preorder it over at Bandcamp and check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Iona Fortune album cover


01. Xiao chu 小畜
02. Lu 履
03. Tai 泰
04. Pi 否
05. Tong Ren 同人
06. Da You 大有
07. Qian 謙
08. Yu 豫

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