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FACT mix 727: Geng

New York City mainstay and PTP boss Geng stitches together vintage cassette recordings, live show snippets and more on one of the weirdest FACT mixes in years.

Spend enough time in New York City and you’ll most likely come across Geng. When he was still a teenager, Geng was a member of the legendary rap collective Atoms Family, assembled in the mid-1990s by a sprawling group of heads, including Cannibal Ox’s Vast Aire and Vordul Mega.

When Atoms Family dissolved, Geng continued making beats, promoting shows and putting out records. He established the PTP label in 2009, naming it initially after Raekwon’s “purple tape”, the initial purple colored cassette run of the RZA-produced classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, later shifting to initials to avoid confusion.

Since 2009, PTP has released music from Gorgeous Children, Celestial Trax, Baby Blue, Bonaventure, YATTA, Dis Fig, 9T Antiope and much more, blurring the lines between rap, dance music, extreme noise and hardcore. As if this wasn’t already enough, Geng writes and produces under the moniker King Vision Ultra and has collaborated with an enviable list of artists from Moor Mother and Matana Roberts to DeForrest Brown Jr. and Dreamcrusher.

Geng’s FACT mix is one of the most unusual we’ve had in the series so far. He’s titled the mix “Time Weapon Radio” and tells FACT it’s “a kaleidoscopic view of energy and influences, both past and present-past – as they’ve already happened – all which speak power toward a true future.” The title refers to archiving as a form of preservation, and the majority of the mix (or collage) has been taken from Geng’s personal archive, “recordings from our own PTP series, Silent Weapons, in NYC and Philadelphia, plus other heavy moments at which I’ve been present.”

And those are some seriously heavy moments. Aside from exclusive live material from YATTA, Dreamcrusher, Speaker Music and others, Geng blends recordings of MF DOOM, Public Enemy, Pete Rock, Jean Grae and others, assembling a powerful picture of a collaborative, boundary pushing NYC that celebrates radical thought, activism and art, and truly points to a brighter future.

This weekend at H0l0 in Brookyln, Geng will be moderating a panel and performing a show (alongside Dis Fig, Kilbourne, False Witness and more) to benefit the Brookyln Community Bail Fund.

At the end of the month, Geng will be appearing with a handful of PTP acts at Vancouver’s New Forms festival, performing and speaking about the label. For more information and tickets head to the New Forms site.


01. in-out-time-tro w/ the Time Cow
02. Cold Crush Brothers’ infamous Harlem World battle routine (??-??-1981)
03. Speaker Music live at a Noise Brunch with additional vocals by Dreamcrusher (06-23-2019)
04. unknown radio WBLS or KISS FM cassette dub (??-??-198?)
05. YATTA live at Silent Weapons (05-09-2019)
06. Jean Grae speaks on time with Shawn Setaro on The Cipher (10-16-2012)
07. L’Rain addressing the space (07-20-2018)
08. DONDI speaks on Rammellzee’s letter arming (??-??-198?)
09. Mr. Magic & Marley Marl premiering Public Enemy’s ‘Public Enemy #1’ on Rap Attack WBLS FM (??-??-1987)
10. Dreamcrusher live at Silent Weapons but first playing Mary J Blige over the PE drums (08-28-2018)
11. The Nasty 3 live routine as aired on Spectrum City WBAU FM (??-??-198?)
12. Deli Girls live at our first Silent Weapons in Philly (06-01-2019)
13. Kool DJ Red Alert playing Public Enemy’s ‘Night of the Living Baseheads’ = glorious chaos… on KISS FM (12-04-1988)
14. DONDI speaks more on Rammellzee’s weaponized letters
15. King Vision Ultra live at Noise Brunch w/ The RZA intro on essentials (06-23-2019)
16. DONDI on documentation over the sounds of the subway (??-??-198?)
17. A young Pete Rock going off on a Soul II Soul ‘Back 2 Life’ blend with James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”… In Control WBLS FM (12-08-1988)
18. Bonnie Baxter live at Silent Weapons (12-06-2018)
19. Kool Keith asks to do an acapella freestyle on Marley Marl’s In Control WBLS FM (07-14-1989)
20. Luke Stewart live at Noise Brunch (06-23-2019)
21. ELUCID live at our first Silent Weapons in Philly (06-01-2019)
22. Kool DJ Red Alert playing Jungle Brothers’ ‘In Time’ which was originally a promo for Red’s radio show on KISS FM (12-04-1988)
23. Armand Hammer live at Silent Weapons …blown out soundboard recording got ’em sounding very harsh noise (08-28-2019)
24. Kool DJ Red Alert playing Salt & Pepa’s ‘Everybody Get Up’ into some crazy blend … KISS FM (12-04-1988)
25. Moor Mother check in
26. Jean Grae on the freedom of shifting time with Shawn Setaro on The Cipher (10-16-2012)
27. Tony Silver drops a gem and speaks on finding the perspective to push him to create Style Wars (??-??-20??)
28. Sour Data (Sour Spirit x Madam Data) live at Silent Weapons in Philly (06-01-2019)
29. MC Serch introducing KMD
30. MF Doom performing ‘Doomsday’ for the first time to a packed room stuck in awe… at his first show as MF Doom… Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe (08-??-199?)

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