Cue the vinyl, cue the goosebumps.

John Carpenter’s 2018 film Halloween soundtrack is set to receive an expanded release this fall. The double-LP, titled Halloween: Expanded Edition, is scheduled for release on October 18, courtesy of Sacred Bones Records. New material will include 24 cues and more than 28 minutes of additional music from the film, as well as new art and packaging.

Halloween, which follows Laurie Strode (played by actress Jamie Lee Curtis) in her epic years-long battle against masked villain Michael Myers, is the latest installment in the Halloween horror-film franchise, which began in 1978. Carpenter’s iconic, synth-filled score for the original film added to its legacy. He worked on the new soundtrack—his first soundtrack—since 2001 with his son, Cody Carpenter, and his godson, Daniel Davies.

“We wanted to honor the original Halloween soundtrack in terms of the sounds we used”, Davies said in a press release. “We used a lot of the Dave Smith OB-6, bowed guitar, Roland Juno, Moog, Roland System 1, Roland System 8, different guitar pedals, mellotron and piano.”

View the tracklist and trailer for Halloween: Expanded Edition below.


01. ‘Intro’
02. ‘Aaron Meets Michael’
03. ‘Halloween Theme’
04. ‘Laurie’s Theme’
05. ‘Aaron and Dana Enter Laurie’s Compound’
06. ‘Laurie’s Past’
07. ‘Prison Montage’
08. ‘Laurie Breaks Down’
09. ‘Karen’s Flashback’
10. ‘Lumpy Explores Crash’
11. ‘Michael Kills’
12. ‘Hawkins Arrives at Crash Site’
13. ‘Dana’s in the’
14. ‘Shower’
15. ‘The Story of Judith’s Death’
16. ‘The Gas Station’
17. ‘Michael Kills Again’
18. ‘Gas Station Aftermath’
19. ‘The Shape Returns’
20. ‘The Boogeyman’
21. ‘The Shape Kills’
22. ‘Hawkins Called to Babysitter’s House’
23. ‘Laurie Sees the Shape’
24. ‘Babysitter Aftermath’
25. ‘Sartain Meets Laurie’
26. ‘Looking for Allyson’
27. ‘Wrought Iron Fence’
28. ‘The Shape Hunts Allyson’
29. ‘Talking to Cops’
30. ‘Allyson Discovered’
31. ‘Gun Closet’
32. ‘Halloween Theme (I’ve Got Eyes)’
33. ‘Sartain’s Gone Mad’
34. ‘Say Something’
35. ‘Through the Woods’
36. ‘Ray’s Goodbye’
37. ‘The Shape Attacks Laurie’
38. ‘The Shape is Monumental’
39. ‘Searching for the Shape’
40. ‘Mannequin Panic’
41. ‘Death Drum’
42. ‘The Shape and Laurie Fight’
43. ‘The Grind’
44. ‘Trap the Shape’
45. ‘The Shape Burns’
46. ‘Halloween Triumphant’

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