The latest instalment in a series of split vinyls from OOH-sounds.

Avant-cellist Oliver Coates and UK producer Spatial are the latest artists to feature in Florentine label OOH-sounds’ Decouple ][ Series.

The series, which according to the label addresses “dependencies, miscommunication and increasing complexity in our media- saturated digital era”, sees a pair of artists presenting music together across a split release.

For this instalment, Coates contributes four pieces, ‘Path in’, ‘J Lover One’, ‘Yomi’ and ‘Umbo’, joined together in a single sequence. “They are contradictory, non-developmental and block-like”, explains the musician, “sitting across from each other like David Lynch’s Rabbits.”

On the flip, Spatial presents two tracks of dense, intricate dub techno that, in the words of the label, are “fueled with illusory contours and tricky alternations of concreteness and abstraction.”

Oliver Coates and Spatial’s entry in the Decouple ][ Series is out now. Check out the cover art, taken from Alice Bonfanti’s Transparent Things, and tracklist below.


01. OLIVER COATES – ‘Path in, J Lover One, Yomi, Umbo’
02. S P A T I A L – ‘Reification’
03. S P A T I A L – ‘Residual’

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