A party blend of current heat and well-worn classics.

As the year slowly draws to a close, a penchant for reflection can start to set in. Year-end lists and associated mixes are still a few months away but Manchester’s DJ Finn has excitedly bucked this timeline with his new Tryin’ It! mixtape.

The almost hour-long collection of songs celebrates contemporary music from Finn’s peers, many of whom happen to be some of Manchester’s most exciting DJs and producers, and was recorded at the NTS Manchester studios, a station that Finn was integral in forming and curating.

It features dance music plucked from the timeless likes of Fade II Black, RIP Productions and Ralph Rosario and many tracks from upcoming releases on Finn’s 2 B Real label, including those from DJ Boo Tell, Martyn Bootyspoon, Gage and Michael J. Blood.

Check out the track list below and head here for the download.


Fade II Black – ‘The Calling (Reprise)’
DJ Boo Tell – ‘Alone’
Chekov – ‘Math (Squared Mix)’
Finn – ‘Scandalous Little Number’
Robert Miles – ‘Freedom (RIP Productions Mix)’
The Wamdue Kids – ‘In My Soul (3c Deep Mix)’
Finn – ‘Trick Trick’
Satin Storm – ‘Feel The Spirit’
Clemency – ‘SSRI Season / Sleep-In Sickness’
Martyn Bootyspoon – ‘Resonant Freq’
Anz – ‘Turn On’
India Jordan – ‘Bulbasaur Shuffle’
RBM – ‘The Boy (Ralph’s Hard House Mix)’
Gage – ‘E Anthem’
Michael J. Blood – ‘Untitled’
India Jordan – ‘DN4’
Peggy Gou – ‘Han Jan’
Gage – ‘Flags In Rain’

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