Fourth-world rhythms and techno futurism.

Last month, Berlin Atonal returned to the German capital for another five days of techno, ambient and experimental music from the city’s monolithic Kraftwerk building, a 1960s power station that also houses legendary techno club Tresor.

FACT and Atonal teamed up for another series of exclusive live sessions in Kraftwerk’s untouched attic space, a little-used attic space accessible by service elevator. Next in the series is Hydromantic, a collaboration between Junior Boys’ Matthew Didemus and Martin Maischein that combines “fourth-world acoustic rhythms with divergent techno futurism” to explore timbre, rhythm and space.

Watch our first Atonal 2019 session featuring rRoxymore here and last year’s series here.

Directed by Pedro Kuster
Edited by Pawel Ptak
Sound by Randy Pence



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