Brooklyn-based #HAUS.

Haus of Altr head MoMa Ready continues a busy year with a new self-released collection of tracks titled A Demon/An Exorcism.

The producer writes that the three potent tracks, which each (coincidentally? symbolically?) clock in at exactly 3:51, were produced in as many hours during a “manic” studio session.

Stream closer ‘An Exorcism’ below.

“A demon takes control of your body, suddenly you feel free so you begin to dance. Reality calls you back and darkness begins to set in once again. the influence and euphoria met immediately with anxiety and discontent. shall we continue?”

A Demon/An Exorcism follows their recent album The NYC Dance Project and a self-titled collaborative EP with AceMo as AceMoMa.

A Demon/An Exorcism is out now via MoMa Ready’s Bandcamp.

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