Listen to ‘In Heaven’, originally composed for the Eraserhead soundtrack, now.

Peter Ivers, musician, songwriter and David Lynch collaborator, is the next artist to receive an archival deep-dive from RVNG Intl.

Assembled from an array of demo cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes recorded at Ivers’ home in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, and in various Hollywood studios, Becoming Peter Ivers reveals a more intimate look at the artist’s singular sound. Listen to ‘In Heaven’, a song co-written with David Lynch and commissioned for his film Eraserhead, now.

Ivers released a number of studio albums, various film and television soundtracks and saw commercial success writing and producing up until his death in 1983, a homicide that to this day remains unsolved.

He was also the presenter of the beloved LA public access show New Wave Theatre, which introduced audiences to bands such as introduce a new generation of groups like Fear, Dead Kennedys, and Suburban Lawns.

Becoming Peter Ivers arrives on November 8 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Take Your Chances With Me’
02. ‘Eighteen and Dreaming’
03. ‘Love Is A Jungle’
04. ‘Conference Call at Four’
05. ‘Peter’
06. ‘Even Stephen Foster’
07. ‘I’m Sorry Alice’
08. ‘Deborah’
09. ‘Miraculous Weekend’
10. ‘Holding The Cobra’
11. ‘Audience of One’
12. ‘Alpha Centauri’
13. ‘I’ve Seen Your Face’
14. ‘My Grandmother’s Funeral’
15. ‘In Heaven’
16. ‘My Desire’
17. ‘The Night You Didn’t Come’
18. ‘Untitled’
19. ‘Love In Flight (Piano Overture)’
20. ‘Ain’t That A Kick’
21. ‘Jamaica Moon’
22. ‘Happy On The Grill’
23. ‘Window Washer (w/ Van Dyke Parks)’
24. ‘You Used To Be Stevie Wonder’
25. ‘Nirvana Cuba Waltz’

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