Featuring two records designed to be played simultaneously.

Laima is releasing her debut album, Home, this November via The Vinyl Factory and DEEWEE.

Home is almost like a family photo album in another format,” says Laima. “I needed to find the balance in this dichotomy, to feel good with myself in both roles, and be aware of things that really mattered to me. To be a woman, a mum and a female producer: all of these feelings were in the music.”

Home features contributions from Iggor Cavalera and production by the Dewaele brothers, aka Soulwax, via their Ghent studio.

It encompasses two records: Laima’s vocal and synth tracks on the TONAL LP alongside Iggor’s beats on the RHYTHMICAL LP.

Head here for more info in advance of its November 8 release, and check out the tracklists below.


Vinyl 1 – TONAL:

Side A
01. ‘Power’
02. ‘Home’
03. ‘Anxiety’
04. ‘Future’
05. ‘Life And Dreams’

Side B
01. ‘Disco Pregnancy’
02. ‘Pairs’
03. ‘Primal’
04. ‘Before America’
05. ‘Poem Song For Iggor’


Side A
01. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Power)’
02. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Home)’
03. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Anxiety)’
04. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Future)’
05. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Life And Dreams)’

Side B
01. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Disco Pregnancy)’
02. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Pairs)’
03. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Primal)’
04. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Before America)’
05. ‘RHYTHMICAL (Poem Song For Iggor)’

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