Coming this Friday.

London’s patten today announced a new album, Flex, out this Friday (September 20).

The release will also launch patten’s imprint 555-5555, a name shared by his various side projects including a radio show, club night, creative agency and music forum.

Flex sees the multimedia artist return to solo status after working with a guest vocalist on his last two original projects, 2016’s Psi and 2017’s Requiem. It will combine elements of footwork, trap, UK garage, grime, hip-hop and techno over 14 tracks. A press release states that the album will “take a number of forms” in the coming weeks such as video, zines, a custom perfume and a series of skateboards. For now, listeners can stream its first track, ‘Flame’, a dark, bass-weighted club tune that clangs and zaps, and skulks low to the floor.

A new Flex live AV show is coming as well, starting September 21 at The Hague’s TodaysArt festival. Find new tour dates below, along with the album’s cover art and tracklist.


01. ‘Flame’
02. ‘Night Vision’
03. ‘Slipstream’
04. ‘Chimera’
05. ‘Empathy index’
06. ‘Orion’
07. ‘Memory Flood’
08. ‘Shadowcast’
09. ‘Threnody’
10. ‘VelvetScans’
11. ‘Snake Eyes’
12. ‘Infrared’
13. ‘Riptide’
14. ‘Life2’

Tour dates:

Sep 21 – The Hague, Netherlands @ TodaysArt
Sep 26 – Lithuania @ Sonica Festival
Oct 03 – London @ Corsica Studios
Oct 11 –  Riga, Latvia @ Skaņu Mežs
Oct 26 –  Marseille (DJ) @ RIAM Festival
Nov 15 – Brussels @ Schiev

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