Jon Leidecker returns with his first Wobbly release since 2002.

Wobbly, aka San Francisco-based multimedia artist, composer, and improviser Jon Leidecker, will debut on Hausu Mountain with Monitress, a piece written for multiple mobile devices.

Each phone used for the piece runs a pitch-tracking app as well as a synthesizer and is then sent an audio signal which is converted to MIDI data and used to drive the synth. An analog mixer is then used to route the sounds of each mobile into each other resulting in a kind of polyphony, as well as feedback loops and polyphonic errors.

“The pitch-tracking apps are prone to errors, especially when presented with complex multiphonics or polyphonies; they get quite a few notes fascinatingly wrong” explains Leidecker. “But more striking is the audible reality of their listening to each other.”

“Unison lines are an elemental sign of musical intelligence; we are entrained to emotional reactions when hearing multiple voices attempting the same melody. These machines may not meet our current criterion for consciousness, but every audience I’ve played this piece in front of quickly realizes they’re not listening to a solo.”

Monitress arrives on November 8 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Instant Entity’
02. ‘Welcome Away’
03. ‘Respectables’
04. ‘Solved’
05. ‘One Trillionth’
06. ‘Forced Affinity’
07. ‘Best Necessary’
08. ‘Edits’
09. ‘Microaccident’
10. ‘Medieval Refrigerator’
11. ‘Multiplet’
12. ‘Information Free’
13. ‘Monitress’
14. ‘Operant’

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