Reactions is the first recorded material from the New Orleans duo.

Spectrum Spools is releasing the debut album from First Tone, a collaboration between Belong and Second Woman’s Turk Dietrich and composer Duane Pitre.

As the label explains, while Reactions is the first recorded work between the New Orleans artists, the duo have been quietly working on music together for several years. The six tracks use pitch material tuned using the system of just intonation, together with software and a single hardware synth.

‘The result is a collection of music that is both organic and alien,” the label says. “Layers of tone and texture build and dissolve from the ultra minimal to the enormous, on occasion seamlessly blending the two.”

Reactions will be Dietrich’s fifth record for Spectrum Spools, following three Second Woman releases with Telefon Tel Aviv’s Josh Eustis and a reissue of October Language, the debut record from his Belong project with Michael Jones. Duane Pitre has been a regular on Important Records over the past 12 years.

First Tone’s debut will be available on 2LP and digital formats. The digital arrives on October 25, with the vinyl following on November 15. Pre-order at the Editions Mego site and Bandcamp.

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