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Fatima Al Qadiri will release her score for French-Senegalese director Mati Diop’s debut feature Atlantics this November.

The film won the Grand Prix award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and will be available to stream on Netflix on November 29.

Set in Dakar, the film follows the love story between 17-year-old Ada (Mama Sané) and Souleiman (Ibrahima Traoré) amidst Ada’s arranged marriage to another man.

The soundtrack marks Qadiri’s first feature film OST and second film score following her soundtrack for Meqdad Al Kout’s 2009 short Banana.

The Atlantics OST will be released on November 15 via Milan Records/Sony Masterworks. See the tracklist and Netflix trailer below.


01. ‘Souleiman’s Theme’
02. ‘Ada and Souleiman’
03. ‘Qasida Nightmare’
04. ‘Yelwa Procession’
05. ‘Wedding Interlude’
06. ‘10-34 Reprise’
07. ‘Qasida – Sunset Fever 1’
08. ‘Alleil’
09. ‘Suñu Khalis’
10. ‘Qasida – Sunset Fever 2’
11. ‘Boys in the Mirror’
12. ‘Souleiman’s Theme – Issa against the Sun’
13. ‘Body Double’

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