Releases from Greg Fox, Index, Anna Peaker and Alexandra Spence.

Sydney’s Longform Editions has released their tenth batch of four sweeping audio landscapes to bring their total number of releases up to 40 since their 2018 launch.

This latest edition includes Stone Pillar from New York multi-instrumentalist Greg Fox, Flux from UK artist and Touch-affiliate Index; Realm of Perfume and Lights from UK electro-acoustic ambient composer Anna Peaker and Immaterial from Sydney-based sound artist and musician Alexandra Spence.

Across the compositions, expect to hear what Fox describes as “hidden synesthetic landscapes” (on Stone Pillar), what Peaker calls “a transporting flow from disquiet to elevation” (on Realm of Perfume and Lights), and what Longform details as “murky nuance, pulse and splintering textures” on Index’s Flux and an observation on the relationship between sound and material objects via Spence’s Immaterial.

Longform Editions releases four artists every two months. Previous contributors include Caterina Barbieri, Ekin Fil, Nozomu Matsumoto and Ahnnu.

The tenth edition is available now.

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