The bill includes statutes on capped noise levels and greater sanctions for organizers.

The French Senate has passed an “anti-rave” bill that proposes increasingly tight regulations around raves and other musical events.

As Trax Magazine reported, the bill would require organizers to give one month’s notice to the local mayor’s office when organizing gatherings of up to 500 attendees, sets caps on noise levels, increases fines to €3,750 and permits “police custody, search, interrogation [and] seizure of equipment” as penalties for dissenting organizers.

The bill claims that the proposed measures will “guarantee public safety, health, hygiene and tranquility, to avoid nuisances suffered by the neighborhood and to limit impact on biodiversity” and is eerily similar to the public order act passed by the UK Parliament in 1994.

The bill will next be presented to the National Assembly before being adopted. As yet, no date has been set.

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