The Kings Place concert series is back for a third season.

Triad God, Mira Calix and The Necks are some of the artists that will take part in Luminate Season III, a concert series organised by Kings Place and Spitfire Audio.

They will join a variety of FACT favorites, including Pierre Bastien, Oliver Coates and Rafael Anton Irisarri, during the third season of the concert series.

Previous editions of Luminate have included performances from Pan Daijing, Lonnie Holley, Klein, Circuit Des Yeux, Suzanne Ciani and more.

Tickets for Luminate Season III are available now. Check out the full timetable below.

Luminate Season III:

Jan 18 – Tomaga & Pierre Bastien
Jan 31 – DM Stith + Harry Burgess (Adult Jazz)
Feb 22 – Oliver Coates & Rafael Anton Irisarri
Feb 27 – Peter Zummo + Military Genius
Mar 06 – Mira Calix & the Calix Ensemble: Mantis & Bee
Mar 19 – Eliza McCarthy & Jo Wills
Mar 27 – NYX: Electronic Drone Choir & Christina Vantzou
Apr 25 – Triad God
Jun 18 – The Necks
Jul 11 – Laura Cannell’s Modern Ritual XIII

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