Listen to his latest single, ‘Tears or Rain’ with Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring.

PBDY will release his debut album next month.

According to a press release, Careworn is the first in a trilogy in which the Brainfeeder affiliate explores the human condition, focusing on love, loss and death. Written in the shadow of losses including that of his mother, it captures the artist in a state of uncertainty as he wonders if things will ever get better.

“It’s about the feeling of the unknown, wanting to feel better not sure if one should be allowed to feel that way,” he writes. “Reveling in sadness can create such beauty, but what degree of masochism do we need to go through to find this place of peace with what’s given in life?”

The album includes previously released singles ‘This State of Mine (Mind)’ and ‘Eucalyptus & Lavender/So Help Me (DOG)’. It features appearances from Salami Rose Joe Louis, Casey MQ, Jeff Parker, Justin Brown and Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring. Watch the newly shared video for the latter collaboration, ‘Tears or Rain’, below.

Careworn is out on November 15 via Brainfeeder.


01. Ultra-Gash
02. ‘Bring Me Down’ [Feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis]
03. ‘Prey/Pray’ [Feat. Casey MQ]
04. ‘Eucalyptus & Lavender’
05. ‘So Help Me (DOG)’
06. ‘Tears or Rain’ [Feat. Samuel T. Herring]
07. ‘At All Costs’ [Feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis]
08. ‘This State of Mine (Mind)’ [Feat. Anika]
09. ‘8:48 P.M.’
10. ‘Tale’s End’ [Feat. Laurence O’Hara]

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