Watch the video for ‘She Don’t Text Back’ / ‘Spell Check’ now.

Séancé founder Edge Slayer is back with a new EP on Interference Pattern. C00CHI3 features a melange of trap, R&B, noise and ambient and sees Edge Slayer reflecting on her experiences as a black trans woman in America, including street harassment, social media, ghosting and being ghosted.

Check out the video for ‘She Don’t Text Back’ / ‘Spell Check’ now.

The EP follows the multi-disciplinary artist’s self-titled debut on Objects Limited, which was released last year.

C00CHI3 arrives in January, 2020. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Booty Big AF’
02. ‘Spell Check’
03. ‘Skit Street Harassment ‘
04. ‘Keep It Pumpin’
05. ‘Step TF Back’
06. ‘She Don’t Text Back’
07. ‘Sexi Ethnic Beats’
08. ‘Frivalous’

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