It can play up to 1,000 sample slices simultaneously.

Ableton has released a new granular synth for Live, developed by independent developer Amazing Noises, called Grain Scanner.

The $59/€49/£39 synth specialises in “experimental noises, glitchy effects, alien textures and massive clouds of ambience”, utilising a granular engine capable of playing up to 1,000 slices of a sample simultaneously.

Each of the synth’s 10 voices can be modulated individually with up to four LFOs, or modulated using global parameters. It also features a step sequencer and built-in effects including distortion, filter and reverb.

While the synth includes 100 presets and a database of sounds to get started with, it’s also possible to import your own samples.

Grain Scanner is available now from the Ableton website, though you’ll need Live 10 and Max For Live to run it.

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