“Minimalist. . . non-dimensionality”.

XKatedral, the Stockholm-based label and show series run by composers Kali Malone and Maria W Horn, will release Swedish composer and sound artist David Granström’s debut full-length A distant color, secluded later this week.

The immersive LP delves ever deeper into XKatedral’s passion for harmonic structures, conceptual minimalism and generative processes as it, in the label’s words, explores individual tones’ timbral quality and exact tuning as well as larger scale formative patterning.

“Employing the medieval principles of isometricity and just intonation, Cagean aleatorics and advanced real-time sound synthesis, Granström gives rise to a rare form of stability, a sense of multifaceted uniformity, in harmony and in structure”. Listen to the huge ‘Waning Moon’ below.

The LP comes after Granström’s appearance on Hypderelia’s Kajsa Lindgren remix compilation Distorted Worlds alongside Félicia Atkinson and Teresa Winter. It’s his second release for XKatedral following 2016’s Ephemeris cassette.

A distant color, secluded will be released this Thursday, November 14 on vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order it here and see the artwork and tracklist below.

David Granström album artwork


01. ‘The other side’
02. ‘Approaching the horizon’
03. ‘Plane at infinity’
04. ‘Waning Moon’

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