Performances of a score by Ryoko Akama.

French-Canadian composer Anne-F Jacques and Japanese composer Ryoko Akama have published a unique new split cassette without via French label Falt.

Jacques’ A-side and Akama’s B-side both feature intensely minimalist compositions titled ‘without’ that follow a score written by Akama.

Falt suggests listening to both sides at once. Perhaps buy two cassettes? Borrow a friend’s tape player and get it up and running alongside your own? Download the digital and play the tracks on two different computers, or via two different digital methods? Any which way you might go about it, it seems like a worthwhile experiment.

It’s Jacques and Akama’s second time in sonic conversation this year following their collaborative cassette The Magic City made with Japanese sound artist Takamitsu Ohta for Hasana Editions. The two also previously collaborated on the 2017 work ‘failed experiments’.

without is out now.

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