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Shelter Press has announced a new release from New York composer Ben Vida, a durational drone work that clocks in at just over four hours in length.

Recorded and edited between 2015-2019, Reducing the Tempo to Zero has taken on multiple forms throughout the years with live versions performed at Chicago’s Graham Foundation and New York’s The Kitchen.

Shelter Press expands on the composition’s mutable nature: “

Despite being the “complete” Reducing the Tempo to Zero document, made concrete by the process of recording, [this] iteration carries the shifting ghosts of other beings and times. It represents only one of many possible, existing beside a free standing phonetic, text-based score, and a near infinite number of evolutionary, live variations – instrumental and vocal versions, as well as those which spring from the combination of instrumental and vocal ensembles of varying sizes, each time of different length.”

The album follows his most recent release for the imprint, 2016’s Damaged Particulates , and offers a “momentary conclusion to an arc of ideas and practice” that first appeared there.

Pre-order the USB directly from Shelter Press ahead of its December 06 release date and see the artwork by Xavier Antin and tracklist below.

Album artwork by Xavier Antin


01. ‘Reducing the Tempo to Zero (Part 1) (00:56:18)’
02. ‘Reducing the Tempo to Zero (Part 2) (01:007:00)’
03. ‘Reducing the Tempo to Zero (Part 3) (00:58:33)’
04. ‘Reducing the Tempo to Zero (Part 4) (01:08:00)’

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