Príncipe co-founders José Moura and Márcio Matos launched Holuzam in 2018.

Lisbon’s Holuzam will release two new albums later this month – Luís Fernandes’ Seis Peças Sintetizadas and a collaboration between Moreno Ácido and Diogo titled Roçadas EP.

Fernandes, who is the artistic director of both the gnration cultural center and Semibreve festival in Braga, Portugal, debuted on Room40 earlier this year with his one-take modular synth record Demora.

The same synth appears on Seis Peças Sintetizadas in conversation with organ to make a motley crew of recordings that span kosmiche, industrial and what the label describes as “a peacefully Vangelis trip”.

Moreno Ácido and Diogo’s Roçadas EP is the result of a friendship that developed when the two long-standing DJs met while promoting parties at Lisbon venue EKA. Their four collaborative tracks span Brazilian funk, dub and trance with instruments such as cuíca, bass, whistles and horns thrown into the lively mix.

Both albums will be released on November 28 are available for pre-order now. See the art and tracklists below.

Seis Peças Sintetizadas

Luís Fernandes art


01. ‘1’
02. ‘7’
03. ‘2’
04. ‘3’
05. ‘4’
06. ‘5’

Roçadas EP

Roçadas EP art


01. ‘Roçadas’
02. ‘Verde Grama’
03. ‘Be Quicka Or Be Dread’
04. ‘Coisa LEVE’

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