Behringer surprises with a full-size Model D clone.

Clearly not satisfied with announcing clones of both the cult Wasp synthesizer and classic TB-303 this month, budget gear company Behringer has announced an unofficial polyphonic keyboard version of Moog’s Model D.

Behringer’s Poly D follows 2017’s Behringer D, a monophonic, Eurorack compatible take on the classic Model D. Unlike that version, which arrived as a standalone module, the Poly D has a keyboard and design much closer to Moog’s original.

However, the key difference between the Poly D and Moog’s Model D is that Behringer’s synth has a four-voice polyphonic mode. The original didn’t have that feature, and if you want to buy a modern Moog synth with polyphony, you’ll have to spend $5,999 on a Moog One.

Other features of the Poly D include a chorus section inspired by Roland’s Juno-60, a distortion section based on Boss’s DS-1 pedal and a 32-step polyphonic sequencer and arpeggiator. Behringer hasn’t announced a price or release date yet, but if it’s anything like its ARP Odyssey clone, it could be around $500.

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