Listen to the album opener ‘Ohnesarg’ now.

Max Loderbauer and Ricardo Villalobos have released their second album as Vilod via Andrea Zarza and Matthew Kent’s Mana label.

The Clouds Know arrives four years after their debut album Safe in Harbour on Perlon.

On album opener ‘Ohnesarg’, cartoon electronics erratically plop and patter through a hushed landscape that congeals into a sultry, slow-seeping rhythmic nocturne. “Techno remains as an irregular pulse in the belly of the beast,” writes Mana.

The Clouds Know is available now via Honest Jons. See the album artwork by Gustavo Eandi and Matthew Kent and tracklist below.


01. ‘Ohnesarg’
02. ‘Jazzversuch’
03. ‘Flump’
04. ‘Clop’
05. ‘Wassernova’
06. ‘Scheiss On Your Diamond’
07. ‘Schalen Geschmack’
08. ‘Rahmstar’
09. ‘Mosaic’
10. ‘Jungsstück’
11. ‘Pfaul’

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