“Middle Ouest is an ode to my history, present and future self.”

Selwa Abd, aka NYC-based, Deleuze-referencing producer Bergsonist will return to Optimo Music with a new album, Middle Ouest.

Describing it as a “sonic autobiography” and “an ode to my history, present and future self”, Abd outlines the project as “the first body of work that realistically depicts my identity.”

“It’s a statement towards all the people who tried to put me into a box”, she explains. “I’m not a box but a genre-less ocean. I don’t make genres, I just make music I feel making in the moment.”

2019 has been a prolific year for Bergsonist, debuting on Optimo Music with the Heat EP, contributing to the second compilation from Bizaarbazaar, the music and arts platform she runs, releasing the Chaos EP on Börft and dropping a slew of self-released projects, edits and compilation tracks via her Bandcamp.

Middle Ouest arrives on January 17, 2020 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Middle Ouest’
02. ‘Amazon Snake Charming’
03. ‘Gaza Border Violence’
04. ‘Magnesium’
05. ‘Otology’
06. ‘L’algorithme’
07. ‘La Rave’
08. ‘Ach Briti’
09. ‘Don’t Have Babies’
10. ‘Faith Game’
11. ‘Poverty’

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