“An eco-anxious variant of cheapcore and melodic noise.”

TT (fka Tobago Tracks) rounds out a fabulous year with Fantasias for Lock-In from Australian-German researcher and writer Joanna Pope.

As the label writes, “This music was made during a period of research into badly rendered ecomodernist futures, and the alternatives to these that degrowth might provide.”

The aptly titled lead single ‘Terraforming Accident’ loops a hypnotic “mmhmm” vocal sample amidst an ever-escalating cacophony of bang-on-the-door drums, smashing glass clips and cataclysmic synth lines that hulk and heave around regenerative elfin melodies.

Pope is a researcher at Berlin-based, utopian conspiracy incubator Trust and a contributing editor at Uneven Earth, an Anthropocene-focussed online magazine and press.

Fantasias for Lock-In lands December 06 via TT’s Bandcamp. See the artwork by Sam Lubicz and tracklist below.


01. ‘Terraforming Accident’
02. ‘Angels of Growth’
03. ‘World Society 2’

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