This one’s for the dancers.

Local Action affiliates Finn and India Jordan have teamed up on a new single for the label, H.U.R.L/ F.U.R.L.

The two-tracker is the pair’s first collaboration, though they have been longtime friends and DJ partners. According to Bandcamp‘s description, it bridges classic hardcore and “pumpy, fast-paced house for the dancers”. Below, ‘H.U.R.L’ boils with adrenaline-boosting rave energy and a touch of classic house euphoria:

H.U.R.L/F.U.R.L. caps productive years for both parties. In May, Finn released Do What You Want Forever, concluding a trilogy of EPs for Local Action. Last month, he marked another collaborative first with his DJ Q team-up, ‘Baby I Don’t Know’. Jordan this year released her debut EP, DNT STP MY LV, followed by WARPER / Bulbasaur Shuffle, of which ‘WARPER’ was voted one of FACT’s best tracks of 2019.

H.U.R.L/ F.U.R.L. is out on Thursday, December 19, on Local Action. Preorder it on Bandcamp and find the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘H.U.R.L’
02. ‘F.U.R.L’

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