One for your New Year’s playlists.

Sim Hutchins has launched a new edit label Jus’4Fun with a gleeful rework of Danish popstar Whigfield’s 1995 smash ‘Think of You’.

Hutchins explains how the track earwormed its way onto his radar via his weekday office grind. “At work it gets played loads, and I slowly noticed how underrated a tune it is for livening spirits due to the fact people start tapping their pens in an unnecessarily euphoric manner.” The original appeared in his Crack Magazine mix, which incidentally was one of our year-end favourites.

Hutchins’ edits strips the track of its slightly cringy vocals and plays up its hands-in-the-air Eurodance bliss. “Was fun to make, hence the name of my new label for reworks like this Jus’4Fun.”

The track comes after his excellent multi-media, crowd-sourced project Club Love on Local Action and his self-released Sim Hutchins Sampler from earlier this month.

‘Whigfield – Think of You (Sim Hutchins Mobile Video Disco Mix)’ is out now.

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