Photo by: Frederike Wetzels

Stream the latest, ‘Satan’s Preset’, below.

Experimental producer Swan Meat has compiled three-years-worth of standalone SoundCloud singles into a new compilation, The Singles: 2017-2019.

The share comes shortly after the release of TAME : REMIXED, a collection of original and guests reworks by Sonia Calico, Denzxl, Gil and Nunu of tracks from 2018’s TAME on Bala Club.

Swan Meat’s latest EP FLESHWORLD will be released via Infinite Machine on February 1, 2020.

The Singles: 2017-2019 is out now. Head here to stream and here to purchase and see the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Throat’
02. ‘Devious’
03. ‘Blood Echo/Wraith’
04. ‘Cream’
05. ‘Mute’
06. ‘Tame’
07. ‘The Crucible/Candyland’
08. ‘Waxx Poem’
09. ‘Requiem Torso’
10. ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’
11. ‘Satan’s Preset’
12. ‘My Tumor is My Ghost Producer, She Loves Psychic Toms’
13. ‘Render/Trigger’

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