Check out the new video, shot in her home town of Shutesbury, Massachusetts.

Next up on London-based label Bone Soda is Massachusetts singer/songwriter, producer and painter Rebekah Cohen-Corbett, aka, Bekah CC.

On her debut single ‘No Change’, Bekah CC reflects on love and addiction with a disarming, sing-song delivery over a sinister beat from Mikey Fleece and Goner. The video was shot in her home tone of rural Shutesbury, as she explained to The Fader: “when it came to the locations that was the easiest part because it’s just where I grew up. It’s what my life looks like everyday. The underpass is the spot we go swimming in the summer time because the other spots are usually packed. The merry-go-round is right next to my local convenience store.”

‘No Change’ is out now. Check out the cover art below.

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