Off the Dutch duo’s forthcoming Elevation EP.

After releasing their debut EP last year, Makèz (formerly known as Soultage) are back with a new EP, Elevation, for Let’s Play House. The record comes in hot with five tracks of house and disco that are smooth and warm, prime for both steady grooving and watching the sunset at your favorite rooftop bar.

Ahead of Elevation’s release next week, the Dutch duo has shared the music video for its opening track, ‘Melting’, for which the vocal about ice cream in the sun was inspired by the recording studio’s sauna-like conditions. For all the funky, feelgood vibes that the song exudes, the Joost Bremmers-directed visual takes a turn into something that’s ostensibly innocent but may be darker than it seems.

According to Makèz, the video is an abstraction of a recent period in member Kees van ’t Klooster’s life. “Melting ice cream has a certain urgency, which we translated into the online world,” they write. “The main character is living a rushed life in the city of Amsterdam. When coming home he feels lonely and looks for distraction online. All the incentives are calling for him. He gets carried away, into a beautiful but fake world… There is an urgent feeling that keeps him going. In the end, he discovers this pursuit leads to deception.”

Elevation is out on February 14 via Let’s Play House. Find the artwork and the tracklist below.


01. ‘Melting’
02. ‘Elevation’
03. ‘One 4 the Dreamers’
04. ‘Merlot’ [feat. Alternate Tone Adjustment]
05. ‘Merlot’ [feat. Alternate Tone Adjustment](Basement Dub)

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