“Everyone is a makeup artist just as everyone is a musician.”

Chicago’s Ariel Zetina returns to femme culture with MUAs at the End of the World, a brand new EP that explores the importance and power makeup can have for women.

“It’s stemmed from the rhythms of putting on makeup. And the perception of makeup as armor, barrier, stealth”, explains Zetina, “makeup as a method for passing for trans women (and the politics of what it means to pass for a cis woman in general).”

Moving from trance and acid to grime and Belizean punta, the styles Zetina draws from reflect the inspiration she takes from the worldwide queer club scene, as well her native Chicago.

MUAs at the End of the World arrives on February 21 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art, featuring photography from Anneasha Hogan and makeup by Daphne, and tracklist below.



01. ‘Eyeshadow Fallout’
02. ‘Vanity 7’
03. ‘Bombshell’
04. ‘Channel’
05. ‘Compact Mirrors At The Bottom Of The Sea’

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