Samrai and Platt have captured 10 snapshots of the city that inspired their debut album.

For their debut album, Manchester legends Balraj Samrai and Ruben Platt have channelled the energy from 11 years of putting on the best party in the city into one triumphant project, 100 Dances.

To show their love for the city, Swing Ting have captured 10 snapshots of Manchester life, synched to snippets from each track on the album.

In the words of Samrai and Platt themselves, the record is “dedicated to the staff, security and everybody who came to dance” and features a huge cast of collaborators, including HMD, Tai-Chi Rosè, Kiyano, Lovescene, RTKal, Trigga, EVABEE, Fox, Gemma Dunleavy and Equiknoxx’s Shanique Marie.

100 Dances is out now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

100 Dances


01. ’99 Dances’
02. ‘Just a Feeling’ w/ HMD
03. ‘Drama’ w/ Thai-Chi Rosè
04. ‘Bubblegum’ w/ Kiyano
05. ‘Feel It’ w/ Lovescene & RTKal
06. ‘Swagger’ & Flex w/ Trigga
07. ‘Coming Through’ w/ EVABEE, Fox & [ K S R ]
08. ‘Like You Know’ w/ Gemma Dunleavy
09. ‘Signs’ w/ Lovescene
10. ‘Give Thanks’ w/ Shanique Marie

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