A highlight from NO NO NO NO, his recent album for OOH-sounds.

Prolific Austin producer Shit & Shine made his debut on Florentine label OOH-sounds last year, releasing the emphatically titled album NO NO NO NO.

In the words of the label, if you are into “dull corporate operators, echoes of the synapses, vending machine music, text-to-speech hysteria”, or “modulating machinery until it breaks, unnecessary untrue information, sticky dancefloors, garageband aficionados” and “techno-mutations”, this is the record for you.

Album highlight ’57YOUYOI-DRINKIN’ is accompanied by a stylish visual that sees a lonely raver donning his hi-vis gear and taking to the wilds to celebrate alone. Perhaps this is the grim reality of raving in the time of COVID-19?

NO NO NO NO is out now.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, artists need our support more than ever. You can support Shit & Shine and OOH-sounds by buying music from their respective Bandcamps.

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