After five years of teasing, it looks like we will finally be able to listen to Dear Tommy.

Chromatics have revealed the tracklist for Dear Tommy, half a decade after the album was first announced. The album has been teased, delayed and, according to Johnny Jewel, destroyed and re-recorded, but it looks like soon we will finally be able to listen to the mysterious project.

The tracklist arrives with a new single, ‘Teacher’ and a video directed by Jewel, which typically features a dusky neon colour scheme, wistful expressions and his signature makeup.

Jewel has also shared a statement that addresses the album’s now-iconic cover art. “The apple obscured in fog is enigmatic & open to the interpretation of the viewer”, he explains. “Are we sinking into the unknown or rising from beyond the grave?”

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away & music is the medicine. Our teachers transfer knowledge of good & evil. From the fairytale of Snow White’s endless sleep to the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis, exposure is the agent of change”, he continues. “I can’t change my past, but I can choose to break the cycle & not pass the poison apple I was fed to my daughter.”

Last year Chromatics released Closer To Grey, their first album in seven years. We still do not have a release date for Dear Tommy. ‘Teacher’ follows singles ‘Just Like You’, ‘Dear Tommy’ and ‘Time Rider’.


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