A tech-obsessive is blinded by the radiance of technological relics.

For the third installment in our showcase of the work of Berlin-based audiovisual artist Marcel Weber, aka MFO, we return to Nervous System 2020. Described by the artist as a “performance installation”, the work was premiered at the 2019 edition of Berlin Atonal and combines dance, spatial sound and holographic imagery.

This section, titled ‘Sacral Plexus’, draws on themes of technological dependence and the obsessional side of gaming culture. An otaku, a Japanese term for someone obsessed with technology and pop culture to the detriment of their personal relationships, is blinded by the radiance of technological relics.

Sealed in a transparent chamber filled with haze and holographic projections, the otaku, played by actor and artist Carles Romero Vidal, becomes another isolated yet energetic node in the network of Nervous System 2020, his trance-like movements obscured and ultimately enveloped by light.

Nervous System 2020 was created in collaboration with choreographer Guillaume Marie and sound artist G.G. Biberkopf. For more information about MFO, head over to his website and follow him on Instagram.

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