MFO and Roly Porter’s journey into the primordial past and the near future continues.

We are transported from the site of Neolithic burial rituals to a dystopian glimpse into a sci-fi future in ‘Passage’, the second act of MFO and Roly Porter’s collaborative work, Kistvaen.

The audiovisual performance piece was captured in the imposing interior of Berlin’s Kraftwerk at Berlin Atonal 2019 and is a hybrid of musical performance and experimental theatre, combining cinematic projection, lighting design and live vocal accompaniments.

Contrasting the images captured on the moorlands of Dartmoor and in the Białowieża Forest that we saw in ‘Origins’, here MFO presents us with a Blade Runner-esque vision of rapidly expanding industry, lonely spectators obsessed with technology and strange, biomechanical figures.

Roly Porter’s grand, unsettling score underlines that the spiritual power imbued within the kistvaen and the pagan beliefs that surround them has now passed into a dark and uncertain future.

Kistvaen has been shown at Unsound, Berlin Atonal and Sonic Acts festival. The album of the same name by Roly Porter arrives on May 29, via Subtext Recordings.

For more information about Marcel Weber, head over to his website and follow him on Instagram.

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