Samrai & Platt check in with friends and family during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Balraj Samrai, Ruben Platt and Equiknoxx’s Shanique Marie reach out to friends, family, fans and collaborators across the globe in the video for their track ‘Give Thanks’, taken from Swing Ting’s excellent debut album, 100 Dances.

A cast of guests, including Toddla T, Naomi Cowan, Tash LC, Lil C, Fox, Part 2 Style, Benjamin D, Emily Dust, DJ Mo City, from locations including Japan, Ghana, Germany, India, Jamaica, St Lucia, Canada, Mexico, USA, Wales, Ireland and the UK, are brought together to celebrate the small things in life.

‘Give Thanks’ was produced by Swing Ting, aka Samrai & Platt, and features vocals from Shanique Marie. 100 Dances is out now.

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