Courtesy of Manchester-based video artist Jungle Joe.

Local Action mainstay Finn has shared the first installment of a new series of music on the label in the form of 2020 Sampler, an hour-long mixtape of original productions that arrives alongside a lysergic analogue visualiser.

Created by Manchester-based video artist Jungle Joe, the visual transforms found footage from Hope Valley, Derbyshire, Manchester and the north of England into a monochromatic nostalgia trip, a familiar landscape made unfamiliar.

Paying tribute to American house music legend Paul Johnson’s 2000 EP of the same name, Finn’s M.O. for 2020 Sampler is “Simple Beats with Sweet Samples”, spinning together 60 minutes of emotional dance tracks made in Manchester over the last 12 months.

2020 Sampler is out now on digital and cassette via Local Action.

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