Artist DIY is a series of videos made by artists in collaboration with FACT in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

FACT edits each episode remotely, while the artist shoots at their home or studio with whatever equipment they have available. In this episode, prolific producer Paul White talks about the production of ‘Shine’, from Danny Brown’s 2019 album uknowhatimsayin¿.

When he was tasked with working on the album in 2018, White travelled to New York to collaborate with experimental hip-hop group Standing on the Corner, whose music was recorded and resampled by White to help create the final track.

In this episode, filmed by White at his home in south London, he talks about the making of the track and offers his unique insight into the sampling and production process. As we find out, although White is having to get used to working in his bedroom again under lockdown, working remotely is something he’s familiar with.

Find Paul White’s music at Bandcamp and buy uknowhatimsayin¿ from the Warp site.

Credits/Special Thanks:

NYC session footage by Stephen Christian at Warp Records
Paul White – ‘Returning’ visuals by RUFFMERCY
Paul White – ‘Where You Gonna Go?’ footage by RUFFMERCY and animation by PATCH D. KEYES
Paul White – ‘Spare Gold’ feat. Shungudzo visuals by RUFFMERCY
Paul White live session footage by Soundcheck TV & Infinite Ear
Danny Brown – ‘When It Rain’ footage by Mimi Cave
Danny Brown – ‘Pneumonia’ footage by Simon Cahn
Danny Brown – ‘Best Life’ footage by Augustin Vita

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