An excerpt from their live AV show, As Above, So Below.

Dutch media artist Mark IJzerman and French sound artist and researcher Sébastien Robert look to the changing landscape of La Araucanía region in south-central Chile for their live audiovisual collaboration, As Above, So Below.

During an artist’s residency in the region the duo investigated how the logging industry affects biodiversity in the area and the disruptive effects this has on the surrounding ecosystem. Field recordings and gauzy ambience are paired with visuals that constantly shift and erode, composed from satellite images, drone footage and microscopic video recordings.

‘Holobiosis’ is a short excerpt of the complete work made specifically for FACT. As Above, So Below would have premiered at this year’s edition of Rewire festival.

Mark IJzerman is a lecturer at the Music & Technology faculty of the University of the Arts Utrecht and runs the sound art blog Everyday Listening. For more information you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Sébastien Robert is a masters student at the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague. For more information you can visit his website and listen to his music on SoundCloud.

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