A digital mashup of images of landfill, waste and entropy.

SPIME.IM, the Turin-based art and music collective consisting of Gabriele Ottino, Matteo Marson, Marco Casolati and Davide Tomat, guide us through “an unstable journey into reality through a sequence of images”, exploring notions of waste through degraded images of landfill and entropy.

“From micro to macro, from human habits to the paths of the stars, every element of reality that we perceive is minced and every small particle is part of a primordial digital soup”, the collective say in a statement. ‘In the end, everything becomes compressed until it metamorphoses into a luminous nucleus and our eyes will be launched on an endless journey through infinite parallel dimensions. A new beginning.”

The track is taken from their forthcoming EP, ZERO, which they describe as both the starting point and an extrapolation of their debut album, Exaland. “When you start looking at something from the end”, they explain, “you sometimes find yourself back at the beginning.”

ZERO arrives on June 19, on -OUS. Exaland is out now.

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